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Editor's Note

We have a new writer on board this month. Local lady, Kate Brown, will be writing about her experiences as the mum of a young boy. Already, her words have brought back memories of my own first pregnancy. It’s now nearly 30 years ago since I gave birth to our eldest daughter, Rosanna, and how life-changing that was for me! The pregnancy was a breeze, but the hard work really started when this little bundle of joy entered our home a few days later! Now, Rosie is pregnant herself with her second baby, and I’m experiencing the joy of being a grandma.

So this leads me on to the article by Tom Hancock about learning to ride a bike. Our little grandson, Jacob, who turns three in a few months, loves whizzing along on his balance bike. I’d never heard of balance bikes until I spotted his, and wondered why it didn’t have pedals. I’m truly getting left behind in this modern world! I remember the Christmas my sister and I got new bikes, and the hours my dear old dad spent, hanging onto the back of our seats while he ran with us around the local school playground. We eventually got the hang of it, and I love nothing more than a good ride along the Chesterfield Canal or through Sherwood Pines.

Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Debbie Singh-Bhatti