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Editor's Note


Several of the articles this month have struck a chord with me. I started my career as a manger for Dixons, the photographic and electronic retailer, and developed an interest in taking photos, so I’ve found the article on pinhole cameras fascinating. My granddad and brother both developed their own photos in dark rooms rigged up in the loft and spare room, and my daughter Sophie and I are keen to have a go too.

We also have hay fever sufferers in our house. It is a real pain during the summer months, and although we know what to take to relieve the symptoms, I’ve never understood until now the cause of the irritation, so I found this month’s article by Louise Addison really helpful and informative.

Finally, with two teachers in the family, I was interested to read Willow Coby’s take on parents evening. With four children, I’ve attended a fair few in my time, and know how valuable they can be for identifying areas of potential growth and improvement. I also know the importance of school and home working together!

So, I hope you enjoy your read this month, and if you are following our travels in India, you can read more about them on the YourMag Facebook page. Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

Debbie Singh-Bhatti