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Editor's Note

We have another varied selection of articles this month. I’ve included one of my own, about how to get tickets for Wimbledon. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years and this time I am finally going to do it!

We have another local writer on board. Chris Pownall will be sharing anecdotes from his own life, and starts us off with memories of a visit to Leek Cinema. I think back to the first time I visited the ‘pictures’ as we used to call them. It was to see Mary Poppins with my mum and sister. I remember how dark it was inside, and how convinced I was that it was late and past my bedtime. I pestered mum all the way through the film, and eventually we left early and I was shocked and disappointed to discover that she’d been right all along – it was still daylight!

I was fascinated by Tracey Anderson’s history of the three piece suite. I personally can’t imagine life without mine. Is your family like ours? Everyone has their favourite spot to plant themselves down in to enjoy an evening relaxing? When I was a kid, we all fought for the armchair next to the radiator. I remember warming my toes on it as I buried my head in my latest book!

Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

Debbie Singh-Bhatti