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Editor's Note

It’s been a month of changes for our family. At the end of January we moved out of our family home of the past 18 years into rented accommodation while our beloved house gets knocked down and rebuilt. It’s a long story which I plan on writing about in future months. But the task of downsizing has been traumatic to say the least! I NEVER want to go through a move again, even though I know I must at the end of the year when our new home is ready. One thing is for sure, I will NEVER collect that amount of junk again! It was hard at first,   parting company with useless bits and pieces I’d been saving for years ‘just in case’, but by the end of the two week blitz I was throwing away all sorts with gay abandon! Very satisfying!

Then just today we received news that the pups have been born that Ami has registered an interest in. The decision to get a dog has not been entered into lightly, but Ami has shown great determination in the face of lots of negativity (even from happy dog owners) so in around 8 weeks time we shall be welcoming a little German Shepherd puppy into our family. That’s another topic for me to write about. Let me think about it…

Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

Debbie Singh-Bhatti